Does CBD Oil Make You High?

Does CBD Oil Make You High

Does CBD Oil Make You High?


Ever since the medical and recreational benefits of cannabidiol or CBD went mainstream, there has been an increase in the popularity of products containing CBD. These products – including edibles, vape oils, tinctures, oils, and topical medications – have helped people manage symptoms of a lot of medical conditions and mental health disorders.


Moreover, CBD products are also known for treating pets that suffer similar conditions (but in adorable pet form!). While CBD products have certainly managed to leave a positive impact on many, there are still some people who are skeptical of it. One of the most common questions people ask is: Does CBD oil make you high? If you are also one of those people and often wonder how CBD works the way people claim it works, we hope to answer your questions here.


CBD comes from Cannabis Sativa

If you are not aware of what CBD is or where it comes from, here’s some info: CBD is a compound that is extracted from the flower of Cannabis Sativa L. plant. There is a lot of mystery surrounding CBD mostly because of the confusion between Cannabis, Hemp and Marijuana. Both hemp and marijuana are species of Cannabis. However, marijuana is known for containing a compound called tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC.


This substance is known for making a person high, or creating feelings of intoxication. CBD, however, can be extracted from either plant and in it’s pure form does not contain THC. CBD oil itself, however, may or may not contain THC depending on which type of cannabis plant it was extracted from. Hemp plants contain less than 0.3% THC, a negligible amount that will not produce intoxicating effects in the user.


Hemp plants contain a lesser amount of THC, and that is precisely why industrial hemp plants are legal in many countries. While hemp plants may have a lot of benefits, including being nutritious and helping digestion, they are not frequently consumed or inhaled recreationally simply because there is no real recreational enjoyment to expect. CBD products derived from hemp plants, however, often fall into legal grey areas, meaning your locale is often the deciding factor as to whether or not CBD oil is a legal substance that you can purchase without concern. That being said, since hemp plants should have almost no THC (below 0.3%) they are often legal for production, purchase, and extraction.


Hemp-derived CBD vs. Marijuana-derived CBD

When you go shopping for CBD oils, you will discover oils of different types and different compositions. Two major types are CBD oil derived from hemp and CBD oil derived from marijuana. While both hemp and marijuana belong to the same species of cannabis, there are a lot of differences in why they are consumed considering the amount of THC they contain can vary widely depending on the source and extraction method used to create the oil. We have already discussed how little THC is available in CBD if it is derived from the hemp plant. Marijuana, on the other hand, is known for having a high amount of THC. It can often have more than 5% THC which will have intoxicating effects for the user.


The difference in THC concentration is not the only one when it comes to hemp-derived CBD and marijuana-derived CBD. The former is sourced from industrial hemp plants, which are grown especially for their fiber and seeds. They also differ from marijuana plants in appearance. They are sometimes skinny and lacking in foliage. On the other hand, marijuana plants have thick and lush foliage and flowers that are the source of many of the naturally occurring chemicals housed within including the ones causing you to feel high after consumption or inhalation.


According to U.S. law, marijuana plants are those plants that contain THC levels higher than 0.3%. Most of the marijuana plants are rich in THC – however, there are a lot of strains of marijuana that are rich in CBD as well and can also be used to produce CBD oil. You need to be careful as a consumer to read the ingredients and especially to look for the concentrations of CBD and THC contained in the oil before purchasing, so that you don’t end up feeling some effects that you just didn’t want to feel.


Why Doesn’t CBD Oil Get you High

 Since CBD derived from hemp contains a negligible amount of THC (below 0.3%), it will not get you high. However, if you are using CBD derived from marijuana, it may make you high simply because it contains a higher amount of THC. It all depends on the amount of THC available in the oil you are about to apply.


There are a lot of reasons why people want to get high – there are recreational benefits that many people prefer over alcohol to stimulate your senses or change your state of mind. THC will also cause increased appetite, a change in mood (for better or for worse) and in general as an intoxicant will change your state of mind and perception on the world. Many CBD oils also contain some THC especially when they are derived from marijuana plants, and often the added THC can enhance the effects of the CBD as a painkiller, sleeping agent, anti-anxiety medication, and many other forms of treatment.


The truth is, some people want to get high because they want to know what it feels like, and keep getting high because they enjoy the feeling or they are in a social setting where it seems to make sense because their peers are all taking part. For the same reason people enjoy a glass of wine or beer after work to wind down, many people like to take part in some THC now and then to disconnect, to relax, and to unplug from the stresses of the day.


Conclusion- what you want from your CBD oil?

 So, does CBD oil make you high? It can if you want it to, or if you accidentally purchase the wrong kind! I would strongly recommend that before you start using CBD oil, you consult with your physician to figure out what type you should be using, whether it’s going to help you, and whether you should be looking for some with a little bit of THC. Before purchasing CBD oil, always check the labels and the packaging for concentrations – and if you don’t see any, you should probably shop elsewhere.


If you are not looking to get high, then buy CBD oil that are derived from hemp and either contain zero THC (should be clearly marked on the package) or “traces” of THC. Neither of these will have a psychoactive effect and you should still be able to experience the medicinal benefits that CBD can offer. Check the label to make sure that what you are purchasing works in tandem with your doctor’s advice and your personal preference. At the end of the day, use these oils responsibly, know yourself, and don’t continue using something that you know isn’t working the way you intended.

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