How to Make Hemp Oil Taste Better

How to make hemp oil taste better

How to Make Hemp Oil Taste Better


So you did it.  You took the plunge and bought yourself some CBD hemp oil.  You did your research and learned that one of the most effective ways to consume hemp oil is through sublingual absorption. You are anxious to give it a try, so you put the carefully measured dose under your tongue and… it tastes terrible! No one warned you about that!  So now you’re back here, trying to figure out how to make hemp oil taste better.


 For some reason, in all your research, you never came across information about what CBD oil tastes like.  Don’t worry, there are quite a few trustworthy methods to make hemp oil taste better.  


What Does CBD Taste Like?

The answer to this question actually depends on what kind of CBD oil you are consuming.  Most experts recommend using a full-spectrum hemp oil to get the maximum benefit that CBD has to offer. 


Full-spectrum hemp oil contains everything, unfiltered, that comes out of the pressed hemp cannabis plant.  This includes all of the cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, chlorophyll, and particles from the hemp plant.  This full-spectrum mix results in what can be described as an “earthy”  and fragrant taste that can border on bitter. Some people complain that CBD oil actually tastes like dirt.


The flavor of hemp oil is largely determined by the terpenes it contains.  Terpenes are a whole family of molecules that are not exclusive to the cannabis plant but are actually responsible for the flavors of pretty much everything from mangoes to peppermint to every other culinary herb.  Aside from determining what CBD oil tastes like, terpenes are also an important part of the cannabis “entourage” and are known to increase (or decrease) the effects of CBD and THC as they interact with your body’s systems


Why it Matters How You Take Hemp Oil

Taking full-spectrum hemp oil, terpenes and all, is generally recognized as the best option to maximize the potential health benefits associated with consuming hemp oil.  But did you know that how you take hemp oil is just as important as the type of hemp oil you are consuming?  


Scientists agree that one of the best ways to consume hemp oil is by placing the oil under the tongue and holding it there for around 90 seconds before swallowing.  This is called sublingual absorption. This basically means that the different components in your hemp oil are given a chance to absorb directly into your bloodstream through the mucous membranes in the mouth.  Basically, you feel the full effect of the CBD (and THC if your product contains any) much faster than if you swallow the oil directly or consume your CBD mixed into an edible.  


Consuming your CBD oil via sublingual absorption is your best option if you wish to feel the full effects of the product quickly.  Unfortunately, you have to hold an “earthy” flavored oil under your tongue for nearly two minutes. This makes the question of how to make your hemp oil taste better even more important to resolve.


How to Make Hemp Oil Taste Better

 If you have chosen to consume a full-spectrum hemp oil product, it is because you recognize the fundamental benefits of consuming all of the compounds found in the cannabis plant.  You have also decided that consuming the product sublingually is worth sacrificing your taste buds for a couple of minutes a day. Thankfully, we’ll tell you below how to make hemp oil taste better:


 Here are some great tips on how to flavor hemp oil in a way that will allow you to consume it sublingually, enjoy all of its medicinal and therapeutic benefits, and not gag.


Brush your teeth

A great time to place hemp oil under your tongue is just after having brushed your teeth with a strongly flavored toothpaste.  Many people find that the residual minty taste masks the strong flavor of the oil.


Add Honey

Honey has been used for ages to ease the suffering of taking nasty tasting medicine.  Some people suggest adding a small amount of honey to flavor hemp oil – it will mix under your tongue.  Other people suggest sucking on a spoonful of honey just before or just after placing the hemp oil under your tongue. Both of these options will dilute the flavor of the oil itself and hopefully leave you with mostly the sugary goodness of honey.


Eat Some Peanut Butter

Just like honey, peanut butter will coat the mouth and taste buds long enough to let your hemp oil absorb.  Try eating a spoonful just before consuming your dose of hemp oil. 


Breathe Through Your Nose

To make hemp oil taste better, why not minimize your sense of taste?  This is essentially what you do by keeping your mouth shut and breathing through your nose.  You basically limit airflow to your tastebuds and diminish their sensitivity.


Eat a Mint

This technique is similar to the ‘brush your teeth’ suggestion, but maybe more effective for some people.  When you place your hemp oil dose under your tongue, pop a mint in at the same time. Keep the mint on your tongue while you let the oil soak in.  


If all else fails, consider purchasing a pre-flavored CBD oil. With a pre-flavored option, you will be able to choose your favorite flavor for yourself. There are some really great varieties on the market with flavors that range from mint, vanilla, chocolate or even tropical punch!  Purchasing a flavored hemp oil may cost a bit more, but will save you the headache of figuring out how to make your hemp oil taste better on your own.


Other Tasty CBD Options

So if you’ve given CBD oil a try, sublingually, and you’ve tried a few of the tricks listed above you may still decide that the sublingual method is just not for you.  Luckily, there are other options that allow you to consume full-spectrum CBD hemp oil and actually enjoy it.


  • Pre-Made Edibles – There are an infinite variety of edible gummies, cookies, chocolates, hard candies, etc.  If you can imagine your favorite snack but improved with CBD extract, it most likely exists. Be sure to read your labels carefully to understand what you are purchasing and what dose of CBD you will be consuming.


  • Home Made Edibles – If gummies or hard candies are not your style and you want a little more control over how your edible is prepared and the ingredients they contain, consider using your full-spectrum hemp oil in a homemade preparation.  Mix your dose into a blended smoothie, for example. There are lots of recipes out there for salad dressings, no-bake type treats and easy to prepare homemade goodies.


Remember, when you consume CBD by eating it, the effects will take longer to notice.  This is because the CBD and other compounds in the hemp oil will have to pass through your digestive tract first


If All Else Fails…

For some people, just the idea of tasting hemp oil leaves a, well, foul taste in their mouth.  No matter how much effort they put into making hemp oil taste better – they still taste it.  


If you would rather not know what CBD oil tastes like and just want to skip to the benefits of consuming it, you have options as well.


Hemp Oil Capsules

Hemp oil that comes in a convenient pill form, allowing you absolute control over your dose. With capsules, there are no worries about flavor or what CBD tastes like.  



Vaporizing CBD oil as long as it has been safely mixed into e-liquid is another very popular delivery method. Just make sure you are purchasing your liquid from a reputable source (avoid mixes with any types of Vitamins!) or if you are mixing your own, be aware of the risks and the things to avoid.  Vaping also allows the user to experience the benefits of CBD much faster than through oral consumption.


CBD Isolate Powder

CBD isolate is exactly that, an isolated CBD extract.  The benefits of CBD isolate include knowing its purity (no chance of THC contamination) and easy dosing.  You can also add it to anything – your coffee, smoothie, oatmeal, etc., and never worry about how it will taste.


The Benefit of Options

Hemp oil can be consumed daily to achieve the maximum long term benefits of the entire entourage of cannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids, and other compounds found in the cannabis plant.


 If you have worried about what CBD tastes like, or how to make hemp oil taste better – now you know that you have a whole variety of options for how to flavor your hemp oil or just consume it in a way that the flavor becomes a non-issue. 


Knowing your options and experimenting with the different ways that CBD oil can be consumed will help you to eventually find the method that is perfect for you.  Each person has their undeniable taste preferences, and luckily the market has responded by offering an incredible variety of options to satisfy the tastes of even the most selective consumer.

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